Sports & Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Physical well-being can be compromised by pain and injuries, preventing you from fully participating in your favorite activities.


Paving your road to recovery

Understand your personal journey and needs

In certain situations, pain arises due to tissue injury. In other cases, it serves as a protective mechanism where your body signals a cautionary message to prevent potential harm. Regardless of the scenario, the pain experienced is real, and physical therapy can help.

Personalized treatment that suits you

Together with your physical therapist, you will collaboratively develop a treatment strategy aimed at alleviating pain, enhancing strength, and reinstating functionality. This plan may include the following components:

Gain your mobility back

After an initial appointment, most of our patients notice a reduction in pain right away. However, building strength and functionality requires a longer time. On average, treatment for back, hip, or neck/shoulder pain lasts approximately X weeks.


What do we treat?

Back Pain & Sciatica

Postural Issues

Running Injuries

Sports Injuries

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Hip Impingement

Wrist & Hand Pain

Post Surgery